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What is the MFTIP ?
  • The Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) is a voluntary program that is intended to offer lower property taxes to woodlot owners who are willing to take care of their forests in Ontario. There is no requirement that your woodlot be harvested in order to be eligible for this program. Be careful - there are little or no tax savings to be gained on many properties! Please contact us for assistance with your tax savings.
  • Under the MFTIP, eligible forest areas are assessed similar to farmland, and taxed at 25% of the normal rate.

Is my land eligible for the MFTIP ?
  • A minimum of 10 acres of forested area is required.
  • Other conditions apply, but the majority of landowners are eligible.
  • Contact us at Kestrel Forestry Consulting for an initial consultation and assessment.

How do I get my property into the MFTIP ?
  • We can take care of all aspects of your MFTIP involvement. We will write a Managed Forest Plan tailored for your needs. You can manage your forest for wildlife, environmental protection, recreation, forest products, etc. We will approve your Managed Forest Plan, and submit the application for you.

What do I have to do ?
  • Do your best to follow your managed forest plan, and don't do anything detrimental to your forest without first exiting the program.